Prop & Environment Design, Layout Design

Not all pieces fall under a neat category or larger project!  Here are a selection of smaller designs and illustrations that serve to showcase my process or design sensibilities
Surreal illustration and associated design/process produced for promotional purposes for the erstwhile Bristol-based art collective 'Uncollective'. 
Various props and elements elements were considered before their incorporation into the final illustration.

A custom bit of art done for a recent series of posts showcasing my recent professional work on various social media. 

A short series of prop and environment sketches set in a world partially consumed by an arcane fungal bloom. Shared here with client permission under condition that the project remain unnamed.

Testing out improvements to my 2D 3D workflow.   The great tales of runeterra shorts had no shortage of lovely vistas, so I chose to take inspiration from that, albeit with pushed colours, and a slightly different time of day.
The goal was not so much to match the exact style of the animated shorts, but instead to see how best to bring 3D, 2D texture and digital painting together to a painterly finish.
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