Hello, I’m Efraim Ninsiima, a UK-based artist working in animation & games! I’m a passionate, collaborative and versatile artist, working primarily in the medium of digital 2d, but I also incorporate 3d for quick block-ins and for rapidly iterating on composition/lighting. In addition, I also use traditional media such ink, watercolour/gouache, pencil for thumbnailing & preliminary work.
I’m always looking to learn, and learning from any opportunity I get; I made my start as self-taught artist, and my passion for learning and for the craft has seen me through a 10+ year journey from fledgling artist, through to journeyman illustrator, and finally through to the last three years contributing to commercial projects with clients in the entertainment industry from across the world!
I’m always happy to discuss freelance or full-time opportunities that might be a good fit, and am available for work from February 2024
Thank you for visiting! You can always reach me via email on  efraim.ninsiima@gmail.com
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