(Meta Quest, Playstation VR) (FOGGY BOX GAMES)
Prop and environment design, with a strong emphasis on shape language
There was a relatively narrow window to cover a lot of ground in terms of prop and environment concepts. 
In conjunction with the two creative directors, we developed a sort of shorthand process for most of the assets; there wasn't a lot of time for multiple iterations on each design, so after a round of thumbnailing, I'd immediately begin whiteboxing in blender, getting multiple rounds of feedback and honing in on the visual language they wanted for each asset.  Ocassionally a big change in gameplay or technical limitation would necessitate a change in direction in the concept
Similarly there wasn't a lot of spare time to polish each design's presentation to the same level, so we worked on a strict hierarchy - solve the shape/form language and clarity of player interactions first, then any spare time could be spent on polish and other design aspects.    In many of these designs the colours, lighting & FX are a stand-in to make aspects of the design clearer, but the primary focus was the shapes and forms for these props, and in these player spaces
Many things such as final lighting, materials, FX and tertiary detail were encouraged to be left in the hands of the 3D artists to iterate. 
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